Retail Loss Prevention – collaboration is the new buzzword?

March 22, 2010 4:44 pm

At the recent Loss Prevention Summit in Reigate it was agreed that collaboration between differing departments was key in tackling the £4 billion shrink issue the retail industry has… “collaboration is the new buzzword” It will be interesting to see […]

The value of Confidential Informants

March 17, 2010 1:20 pm

Right Side News has published an excellent article by Jim Kouri (Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police) on the benefits and public concerns surrounding the use of confidential informants in the USA. He correctly notes the […]

Confidential informant crisis averted

March 17, 2010 1:01 pm

Further demonstrating the risk surrounding confidential informants The Herald Tribune reported today about a drugs sting that almost went wrong. A confidential informant working for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office got into the car of two suspected drug dealers only […]

NHS Counter Fraud Conviciton

March 15, 2010 3:45 pm

A recent article reporting fraud convicitons within the NHS demonstrates the effectiveness of their Counter Fraud Service.  Fraudulent activities ranging from theft to false qualification claims and prescription fraud cost the NHS millions each year; in 2008-2009 almost 10 million pounds was saved and 152 criminals […]

Witness protection programs face challenges

March 12, 2010 3:08 pm

Protecting witnesses is a complex and challenging task. Two reports from different parts of the world highlight some of the difficulties that abound. The attorney general of the Bahamas and a senior Bahamian police official highlighted the difficulty of operating a […]

Being an confidential informant is a risky job

March 12, 2010 2:57 pm

It can’t be denied… Acting as a confidential informant for the police is an inherently risky activity. A case of an informant being beaten up by two men hit the news yesterday. Instead of the two men paying the informant […]

CT and SOC – Do we have the balance right?

March 10, 2010 5:42 pm

There has been a a great deal of expenditure on CT over the last several years and quite rightly so against the international threats of Terrorism. Al-Qaeda as an operational organisation does not necessarily exist anymore, but its replaced global […]

Is your browser letting you down?

March 8, 2010 5:27 pm

Recent publicity over browser vulnerabilities re-enforces the view that it is vital for your system security that you maintain the software levels (especially critical updates) of your chosen browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is still widely used in the […]