Convergence of Corporate Security

April 23, 2012 10:23 am
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A key message to come out of the ASIS European Security Conference in London last week was the need for convergence. It is becoming increasingly apparent within the world of security that corporate security can no longer be compartmentalised. If organisations are really going to make an impact on the preventing crime, security needs to work in collaboration with all areas of the business. HR, finance, legal, business continuity, supply chain, IT, facilities, etc. need to converge with security to ensure a comprehensive approach to security management.

Investigative incident management software can be a valuable tool in security convergence. A single system that can be accessed and used by multiple departments improves the sharing and management of information. Personnel in one geographical area, for example, can record incidents or intelligence for the security team, which may be located in another location, to respond to. All departments can see the progress that has been made and common standards and processes can be introduced across the organisation.

Communication is key to security convergence, and software like abmintellicase can be an excellent facilitator for improved communication.

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