Is “Corporate Memory” for security teams an unachievable dream?

February 26, 2010 5:52 pm
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It has become apparent that there are big issues around managing security effectively in commerce today as the ability to retain a corporate memory of events, data, knowledge and information has become almost impossible.  Therefore those responsible for security are left scrambling over disparate legacy systems trying to find what they need.  Often by the time this is done it’s too late and usually it ends up being a task that never actually ends.  Intellicase addresses the”corporate memory” issue…  Not only is it a comprehensive intelligence, investigation and case management suite but it also allows other data sources to be linked and searched thus enabling these systems to be interrogated and the resultant captured for use by the security entity within the corporation.  Nothing is perfect but this goes along way to addressing how an overworked department can use specific technology to address their issues head on to take action to protect their people, assets and reputation…

For more see abmintellicase investigation management software

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