Investigations and Case Management Software

abmintellicase™ is the next generation investigations and case management system; it provides end-to-end case management functionality with integrated intelligence management, link visualisation and robust reporting capabilities in one comprehensive system.

The solution pTablet Edit_Croprovides a holistic overview of the outcomes including comprehensive reporting on Key Performance Indicators and Key Management Indicators. It produces any relevant documents (letters or other legal and organisational documents) and the progress of this can be tracked very easily and become an integral part of the process.

Individual departments can use the solution to record, monitor and manage their caseloads efficiently and effectively. Links and connections are easily identified by using common People, Objects, Locations and Entities.

Directors can see at a glance areas of high risk and identify real and potential threats. Costs can be monitored and unusual activity investigated. abmintellicase™ supports the whole process through to final conclusion in terms of the enforcement and legal resolution, deterring and preventing or simply utilising other disruption tactics.

Why abmintellicase™ ?

Our Intelligence-led Case Management Software is a powerful knowledge base that unlocks unlimited possibilities to reduce operational costs in almost every area of your organisation.The solutions enables management of operations to improve efficiency, maximise resources and monitor performance:

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