Incident Management Software

abmintellicaseTM  investigation and incident management software manages the enterprise wide recording of security incidents within a single, secured database.

The system centrally records and manages any type of incidents, with all their details including: CCTV footage, photographs, scanned documents and other multimedia.

The software’s flexibility will allow you to add incidents specific to your industry and adapt the software to your business requirements.

abmintellicase™’s intuitive GUI and configurable wizard eliminates lengthy training and speeds up the incident classification process and severity evaluation.

Software for recording incidents

Pro-active Incident Management

Move forward from reactive to pro-active investigative and security strategies, significantly reducing loss and enhancing profitability.

On-line analysis of live data sets will help you to identify problem incidents, targeted product lines, time of occurrence, store locations, MOs, trends and hotspots. abmintellicase™’s Data visualisation capability also will alert you to changes in incident patterns and anable you to predict potential target areas. Charting analysis will allow you to easily find relationships between events, individuals, locations, financial accounts and more.

The incident module works seamlessly with the investigation and case modules to implement loss strategies and improve investigations. Moreover, abmintellicase™ extends beyond these modules allowing you to import information into the database and analyse it alongside incident records and intelligence.



  • Maximise your information sources
  • Simplify and automate cross departmental processes
  • Improve staff utilisation
  • Eliminate redundant data entry

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