Investigation Management Software

abmintellicaseTM  Intelligence-led Investigation Management Software is ABM’s next generation solution integrating intelligence management, link visualisation, and robust reporting tools directly into the case management system.

As experts in intelligence-led systems, we developed an investigative management solution to collect, analyse, manage and disseminate all types of investigation and intelligence data from one centralised data store. While abmintellicaseTM was created to provide end-to-end incident, investigation and case management functionality, with system’s integrated intelligence module, the investigator can also uncover and share possible networks of associations between people, objects, locations and entities that are critical for successful case resolution.

ABM’s intelligence-led investigation solution enables you to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of the investigation, thereby safeguarding your organisation and ultimately your brand and revenue.

abmintellicaseTM  increases the efficiency by providing consistent, process-driven investigations. The solution supports the entire investigative life cycle, from incident to prosecution by capturing incidents, assigning and routing investigations, storing all types evidence into digital formats, and creating case documentation that you can easily share with law enforcement and colleagues. Throughout the process, investigative teams and managers can display, evaluate, review and share critical information in a structured, transparent format through the role based security model.

abmintellicaseTM provides a holistic overview of the investigation with robust reporting capability, including configurable dashboards that provide real-time notifications to ensure managers can access the most up-to-date information. In addition, scheduled reports can be e-mailed to provide graphs, charts, and heat maps that help to identify areas of concern or issues.

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