Covert Policing Software

abmpegasus TM is a comprehensive modular system for managing all areas of covert policing.

abmpegasus TM integrates management tools to make it easier to handle and disseminate evidence and intelligence obtained through covert techniques.

abmpegasus TM improves management control, helps to mitigate risk and maintains a comprehensive record of all actions and decisions made in the use of those techniques. Our software supports a wide range of operational policing processes in compliance with relevant law enforcement and human rights legislation.

Regular consultation with law enforcement agencies ensures that abmpegasus TM remains at the forefront of covert intelligence management technology. Its modular design means that the system can evolve to meet new operational requirements.


abmpegasus Intelligence-led policing

Intelligence-Led  Policing

Intelligence‐led policing (ILP) is a concept where decision making is based on data analysis and crime intelligence.
ILP aids crime and problem reduction, disruption and prevention through strategic management and effective enforcement strategies that target offenders.

abmpegasus TM  supports intelligence- led  policing in a strategic approach to crime  in order to improve allocation of resources.


All abmpegasus™ modules are OSC and legislation compliant therefore will ensure increase of security, help avoid penalties, maintain your reputation and support your duty of care. abmpegasus™ automatically adapts to legislation changes saving your time and resources.

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Reasons to choose abmpegasus™

ABM A4 Pegasus Overview-2SMALL

Improve management control, mitigate risk and maintain a comprehensive record of all actions and decisions made in the use of those techniques.
Comply with all legislative requirements supporting operational law enforcement processes.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with tools design to monitor operational deployment and associated expenses.

Automate real time sharing of sanitised intelligence and reduce double keying whilst maintain data security.

Demonstrate duty of care to the public and increase confidence in data management and identity protection.

Optimise management oversight of covert operations, reducing the potential for corruption and improving financial accountability.

abmpegasus™ facilitate production of documentation required and assist in a process of all inspection activity.

abmpegasus™ is deployed within organisations that demand the highest level of security and certification.