abmpegasus™ Communications manages the entire process of communications data application
and authorisation.

The granting of authorisations in respect of communication data and subsequent receipt and retention of the returns from providers, has been subject to significant scrutiny as law enforcement agencies have been called upon to justify their requirements

abmpegasus™ Communications manages the entire internal application process through to the engagement with the Communications Service Provider (CSP) and their subsequent response.

The system allows for the applicant to complete multiple data requests, however there are checks in place to ensure that each is justified and that proportionality, necessity and collateral intrusion have all been considered.

abmpegasus™ Communications incorporates reporting tools to ensure that the evolving criteria of inspection are satisfied as well as providing statistical reporting of the requests and effective management of the evidence and intelligence produced.



Reasons to choose abmpegasus™ Communications

Better Compliance
All abmpegasus™ modules are OSC and legislation compliant therefore will ensure increase of security, help avoid penalties, maintain your reputation and support your duty of care. abmpegasus™ automatically adapts to legislation changes saving your time and resources.

Intelligence Analysis
Reuse and cross reference records and intelligence across abmpegasus™ modules.

Effective Planning
Enhance effectiveness of application process through standardised workflow.