abmpegasus™ Debrief supports debriefing of witnesses in order to obtain evidence or provide intelligence.

abmpegasus™ Debrief has been developed with leading law enforcement agencies to meet the
needs of those engaged in the debriefing of witnesses in order to obtain evidence or provide
intelligence. It supports evolving legal and operational requirements

Designed to ensure full regulatory compliance, and to provide an auditable record of all exchanges with a potential or an actual witness, abmpegasus™ Debrief is a comprehensive and user friendly system essential for any law enforcement agency engaged in the debriefing of witnesses.

abmpegasus debrief Software


Reasons to choose
abmpegasus™ Debrief:

Transparency of records
Keep comprehensive records of the antecedents of the debrief subject from the initial approach through each stage of the debriefing process, and to any subsequent court appearances.

Intelligence-led policing
Single point to record all instances of debrief, intelligence or evidence allowing supporting activities in line with intelligence-led policing.

Better compliance
Comply with legislative requirements regarding law enforcement engagement with witnesses or offenders.

Hands on budget control
abmpegasus™ Debrief provides significant cost benefits through time-savings gained in the completion, transfer and retrieval of records and provides a comprehensive management tool for all aspects of the debriefing process.