Witness protection programmes and the protection of other at-risk people (including Judges, Jurors, Police Officers and family members) is an inherently risky yet essential activity for the British police forces.

abmpegasus™ Protected Persons Protected Persons ensures that all matters relating to protected people are appropriately managed and recorded.

When dealing with persons who are subject of protection, it is vital that information is recorded accurately, that the authorisation process is quick and effective and that the data is secure and accessed by only those who are authorised to.
abmpegasus™ Protected Persons has been designed in conjunction with leading law enforcement agencies to provide a fully accountable and systematic approach to managing persons under protection (including witnesses, judges, jurors, officers and family members).


Witness protection programmes

Reasons to choose abmpegasus™
Protected Persons

Collaboration Support
Collaboration with other law enforcement agencies can allow a simple ‘transfer’ of protected persons to different areas, supporting the administrative and financial implications.

Improved Risk Management
Reduce risk and ensure consistency of processes with a complete electronic record keeping capability for all protected persons cases.

Better Compliance
Protect your agency against claims of negligence by recording and tracking source of threat and maintaining Security of protected persons’ records.

Increased Efficiency
Automated reports to deliver enhanced management oversight of the financial cost and efficiency of providing protection leading to improved efficiency of protection programs.