abmpegasus™ Source Management provides the most successful covert operations software available anywhere in the world today for the management and oversight of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) or Confidential Informants. It conforms to all legislative requirements for the management and oversight of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS).

Used by over 70% of UK police forces and law enforcement agencies in the USA and Australia, the software empowers an agency with the tools it needs to manage confidential informants/sources safely, securely and cost effectively whilst at the same time maximising the intelligence and evidence they produce.

Over 15 years of extensive research and consultation with established experts in covert law enforcement has informed the development of our source management software.

abmpegasus™ Source Management seeks to maximise accountability whilst enhancing the productivity of each CHIS. In this necessarily secretive area of covert operations, the system provides assurance to the public that operations are being conducted in a legal and ethical manner.  The ability of a law enforcement agency to effectively manage confidential informants/sources to meet the demands of modern policing is significantly improved by abmpegasus™ Source Management.

Source Management CHIS


Reasons to choose
abmpegasus™ Source Management

Increased Security
Ensure source confidentiality and secure documentation of all records, contacts and costs while,  ensuring proportionality and necessity rules are followed.

Comprehensive, Long Term Management of Source
The Module will ensure security of your data and operations,  optimise productivity, increase intelligence and minimise the costs of managing your source.

Risk Management and Accountability
abmpegasus™ Source Management manages and minimises the risk to all stakeholders,  helping increase security of people’s lives and health but also ensure effective use of resources. Maintain full legislative compliance and simplify the disclosure process. Maintain duty of care to the Public and protect the organisation’s reputation.

Improved Performance and Efficiency
Management information provides quantifiable results and performance metrics for each officer, division and confidential source/informant, helps identify targets and problems and increases efficiency in managing intelligence and speed of authorisation processes.