abmpegasus™ Surveillance is an end to end management tool for planning, authorisation, risk management, product handling and oversight of the use of covert surveillance techniques.

The surveillance management software simplifies the complexities in relation to authorisations, the management, review, renewal processes and legislative requirements, thus helping law enforcement agencies to maintain the professional and accountable working practices required in the management of directed surveillance.

Our surveillance software helps agencies to manage areas of Covert Operations, including Property Interference as defined by Part III of the Police Act 1997, Intrusive and Directed Surveillance and is compliant with RIPA/RIP(S)A 2000.

Surveillance authorisations

Technical Surveillance Units

Reasons to choose abmpegasus™ Surveillance

Complete solution
Deploy a complete solution that incorporates the end to end process of managing surveillance authorities.

Maintain full legislative compliance and ensure proportionality and intrusion rules are followed.

Surveillance module supports direct, electronic e-mail of authority saving your time and increasing your security.

Streamline of Processes
Electronic authorisation from request through to Chief Officer will streamline your processes and eventually save your time and resources. Automatic warning of operational compromise to designated recipients.

Budget Control
Display costing will help you take control over your budget by applying possible savings.

Fast Authorisation
Built in spell check will allow you to produce your documents faster therefore speed up your authorisation process while saving your money and resources.

Better Resource Allocation
With Technical Support Unit you can optimise your resource allocation and plan your capacity. Reduced training through application Wizards that guide and prompt users though application process.