Undercover operations can be complex and high risk. abmpegasus™ Undercover has been developed in response to the requirements identified by law enforcement agencies to manage
undercover operations and ensure compliance with RIPA and recent findings of inquiries.

By recording the details of all available undercover officers, abmpegasus™ Undercover software makes it easier to identify suitable personnel for deployment in an operation

Undercover operations are traditionally difficult to gain good management oversight of. abmpegasus™ Undercover improves financial and operational accountability, ensuring that opportunities for corruption are minimised.

The consequences of failing to identify and manage risk in undercover operations can be severe. abmpegasus™ Undercover guides officers through risk assessment procedures and allows recording of actions to mitigate significant risks.

undercover intelligence

Undercover Operations Software

Reasons to choose abmpegasus™ Undercover

abmpegasus™ Undercover is OSC and legislation compliant and automatically adapts to legislation changes saving your time and resources.

Improved Risk Management
Module’s Risk Management will not only help to safeguard  lives and support their well being but also ensure effective use of resources and promote continuous improvement. Improve management of undercover operatives by recording all pertinent details including exposures and any compromises.

Hands on Control
The financial tools will help you take control over your budget by applying possible savings and identify areas where savings could be made. Improve oversight of undercover operations with
historical reviews of operations and operatives already use abmpegasus™. Improve processes with workflow automatically directing authority to appropriate recipients e.g. Chief Officer, OSC

Optimised Resource and Skill Management
abmpegasus™ Undercover Resource and skill management will save the time your investigators, controllers and administrators spend on authorisation, management and reporting of undercover activity..