Finance Fraud Investigation Sofotware

Fraud Investigation in Finance Industry

Two-thirds of all UK fraud occurs in financial services. This fact alone should be a warning to all financial organisations to review their counter-fraud strategies.

Regulators around the world sharpen their focus on the financial sector as total fines for fraudulent activity in the past five years exceeds £1bn. Never before has a compliance with regulations and pro-active fraud prevention been so important.

Check whether this problem directly affects your organisation:

  • Fraudulent activity a growing problem?
  • Need to carry out more investigations with less resource?
  • Under pressure to comply with regulations?
  • Would benefit from a more systematic counter-fraud approach?
  • Welcome assistance in the identification of repeat incidents across all aspects of fraud

If, like most financial organisations, you answered “yes” to these questions, ABM’s robust Investigation and Case Management solution can help.

How abmintellicase™ Can Help

abmintellicase™ Fraud Investigation Software helps your organisation to investigate fraudulent activity to protect your revenue and reputation:

  • Assists with the prioritising of investigations across the organisation
  • Protect yours and your customers’ finances
  • Reduce the cost of investigations
  • Uncover and eliminate more none compliant activity by transitioning the agency from reactive to proactive activity
  • Protect the reputation of your organisation
  • Demonstrate to regulators that fraudulent activity is being taken seriously

Key features:

  • Centralised system, accessible at any location by all staff or investigators, to record intelligence surrounding scams
  • Manage all fraud investigator’s activity and information in one place
  • Automated workflow to improve working procedures
  • Flexibility to manage all types of fraud
  • Keep all intelligence, information and case files in one place for joined-up working to identify individuals engaging in multiple scams
  • Visual linking and spatial mapping tools identify links between people, organisations, addresses and fraud cases
  • Web-based software supports home working to improve flexibility and reduce costs
  • Prioritise investigation resources
  • Process cases faster
  • Process more applications, records and cases
  • Eliminate errors and duplications
  • Improve communication with other agencies and organisations
  • Manage investigations from start to finish, including automated production of documentation to support enforcement.
  • Maintain security of data

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