Investigative Case Management Software

Efficiency of Investigations

abmintellicase™ Corporate Investigation Management  improves the efficiency of investigations by improving the flow of information and facilitating collaborative working with other staff, departments and locations.

Automated, configurable workflow alerts relevant staff to developments in incidents and investigations and speeds up any necessary authorisation processes.

Incidents and entities (people, places, vehicles, property, organisations) can be quickly linked to the investigation, helping investigators to manage large investigations.

Investigators have access to all the information they need at their fingertips. They can quickly see all the people and incidents involved to improve understanding and management of the investigation.

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Analytical Capability

abmintellicase™ Corporate Investigation Management  also provides exceptional analytical capability through advanced mapping and charting tools. Charting tools create visual links between entities (including incidents, places, people, organisations, property and vehicles). This makes it quick and easy to see all the entities related to a specific investigation, whilst also helping to identify links between entities.

Spatial mapping plots incidents or entities on a map allowing the investigator to build up a clearer picture of when and where incidents are occurring. This helps to identify trends, patterns and areas of particular concern for more effective and efficient allocation of resources.

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