Incident Recording and Management

Leisure & Hospitality

The Leisure & Hospitality sector as with other industry sectors suffers from dishonesty and accidents along with Health and Safety issues. The industry is under greater pressure than ever to identify ways of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The recording and investigation of incidents (Health and safety, suspicious activity, theft, fraud etc) can be a major bureaucratic overhead, paper-based or dispersed spreadsheets systems. This can cause delays in communication, inability accurately assess the information, as well as potential data security issues.

How abmintellicase™ Can Help

abmintellicase™ Incident Management  is designed to help organisations within the Leisure & Hospitality sector manage their investigations into security incidents. These are a few ways in which abmintellicase™ can help:

  • Provide a central location, accessible by all staff, to record any security incidents and all relevant details
  • Provide a way for any member of staff to quickly record intelligence information such as suspicious activity
  • Manage investigations into security breaches, theft and other negative events
  • Attach CCTV imagery and other electronic files to investigations or suspects
  • Use visual linking and spatial mapping tools to identify links between people, organisations, incidents and sites
  • Build electronic case files to pass to police for further action
  • Manage Health and Safety checks and record remedial action to mitigate against risk

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