Brand Protection and Enforcement

Investigating Brand & IPR Violations

Counterfeits make up approximately 10% of global trade, reaching value of around 1000 billion euro. Illegal suppliers compromise quality and safety for large profits at relatively low risk. Their practices are more and more sophisticated making it increasingly difficult to tell apart fake product from original.

Counterfeiting issues require action from government and brand owners to prevent revenue and reputation damage, as well as potential health hazards caused by counterfeit products.

abmintellicase™ Can Help:

  • Protect the company from potential image and monetary damages caused by counterfeiting
  • Protect customers and limit potential health damages caused by use of counterfeit goods.
  • Protect brand from theft, dilution, damage and misuse.
  • Deliver a tactical response across the corporate footprint
  • Increase effectiveness in obtaining compensations
  • Counteract social consequences of illegal practices
  • Promote and support  good practices, policies and procedures
  • Comply with regulations and requirements
  • Apply pragmatic and cost effective approach to present and future risks associated with counterfeiting
  • Maintain a positive ROI
  • Maintain leadership position on the market

Key Features

abmintellicase™ Brand Protection Software is a tailor made, complex solution configured specifically to meet your business needs. It provides central database for the collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of counterfeit crime information and intelligence. abmintellicase™:

  • Enables you to investigate connections with other infringements and places
  • Helps coordinate resources to prevent counterfeit crime
  • Manages investigation, enforcement and administration cost
  • Provides regular reports on your progress and activates (KPI, KMI)
  • Enables analysis and targeting of risks
  • Supports systematic enforcement of infringements.
  • Provides mapping of geographical hot spots
  • Provides measurement of the investigation and enforcement outcomes
  • Collect and document evidence for law enforcement
  • Supports cooperation with authorities
  • Compiles a case against perpetrators
  • Enables you to coordinate and manage resources
  • Improves information flow processes.
  • Stores crucial information and data input.

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