abmintellicase™ Corporate Investigation Management Software can record any incident required. Its flexibility means that any department can use the system to centrally record and manage incidents.

In most organisations, incidents (such as thefts or accidents) are a distraction from core business activity. abmintellicase™ helps to reduce the burden of recording these incidents.

In other organisations or departments, recording and investigating incidents is core to operations.

For these organisations, abmintellicase™ Corporate Investigation Management is sufficiently robust and powerful to act as the central operational database.

All aspects of an incident can be recorded in abmintellicase™, including people, places, property, vehicles and organisations. Additional material (including CCTV footage, photographs, scanned documents and other multimedia) can be attached to the record. The system also allows the original incident and subsequent investigations to be easily recorded.

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Incident Recording and Investigations

Incident Recording and Investigations